||American honey||

When? June 10, 2013
Where? Errands

Today I thought I’d share a few pictures with you from my day, from getting ready to busyness throughout my day off

Picking out my outfit for the day


I hate blow drying my hair, does anyone else…. this mess of hair take FOREVER to dry!

Makeup done, time to style this mess!

a few mirror shots


time to hit the road!

This is my fur niece Elsa, she is very naughty and doesnt listen when we tell her to get out of the kitchen


I spent my day off cleaning at my sister in laws and played with my fur nieces, then got called by my hair stylist to help her fix her hair! Over all a good day, now I’m snuggling up to call it a night! Chat tomorrow!


Tops::GNW beige t shirt, vanity army green lace cami
Bottom:: Nicole Miller white shorts.
Shoes::Dolce Vita for Target gladiator sandals
Accessories:: Forever 21 straw hat, and gold medallion


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