Weekend roundup {February 14th-16th 2014}

Hello my lovelies!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and if you are so lucky as to have today off, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying it!

My valentines day was great! My “Valenbabe” took me wine tasting, then we headed back to his house where he had a dozen mixed bunch of roses, a card with the sweetest, quirkiest poem, strawberries and a special cake.

We made salmon, and rice with a caesar salad for dinner, with a glass of wine from the winery we went to and then enjoyed a quiet night in watching comedy and movies.

The next day, he picked me up and we went to breakfast at a local diner, and then he played geek for the afternoon building a computer and I lazed around watching movies, made homemade tomato basil soup(still trying to get that recipe just right) and watched our favorite tv show and just spent quality time together.  We finished out our great weekend together by having lunch with my family at Tomato Street and then grabbed a coffee and went for a sunny afternoon drive. I took him by my old house growing up and he showed me his grandparents old farm land out in Otis Orchards. Over all, a wonderful weekend! I forgot to share a picture of my outfit yesterday, but no fear, it shall appear again very soon! Here’s a few pics from my Valentine’s weekend and my outfit today!

Outfit Details:
Grey Skirt:Forever 21
Teal top:Target
White sweater:Forever 21
Shoes:Rue 21








“Miss Working Girl”


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