||Tip Tuesday::Print Mixing||

Hello Lovelies!!!
I’ve decided to come up with a new thing for Tuesdays, Tip Tuesday!
I’ll give a little fashion advice, or makeup/hair advice every Tuesday and show you a don’t and a do, just remember that just because I feel like it shouldn’t be done a certain way, doesn’t mean that its bad, its just my honest opinion!

So today we are going to talk about mixing prints. A lot of you are probably thinking, this chick is odd, she mixes prints, but you can! The key when mixing, is make sure that one print is big and the other is smaller and more understated. A lot of times I will wear polka dots and leopard together and it works just fine. You might feel a tad bit weird mixing a print, but as long as its done right, you can rock it! Its a great way to express yourself and be unique.

First picture featured below is a big fat DONT!


This just doesnt work, too much going on. The flowers are big and bright, and the stripes are big and bold. A simple solution to this problem would be, a shirt with a smaller floral print, or a skirt with a smaller stripe.

Seeing as I have neither in my closet, I opted to go with a cute small polka dot skirt instead, and I LOVE it!


It’s a quirky combo, but a great one. You can mix the same prints together as well, like big polka dots and small polka dots, or large bold stripes with thin pencil stripes. As long as one pattern is significantly smaller then the other, have fun mixing!


Skirt: H&M(this season)
Shirt: Target (thrifted)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Maurices (thrifted)

“Miss Working Girl”


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