Manic about Manicures

Hello lovelies!!

Thought I’d share a tidbit today about my latest obsession, gel polish.
My entire life growing up, I’ve had crummy nails. They are weak and thin and break off or chip very easily. My mom tried to tell me that drinking plain gelatin in o.j. would help my nails be stronger, let me tell you, nastiest thing I have ever drank in my life. (Maybe that’s where I get my aversion to pulpy o.j.) Since I played the piano I just resigned myself to never having long nails.

I tried keeping them looking nice by getting acrylics all through my teens and early 20’s but was always frustrated when the nails were removed and my nails would break off back on the nail bed itself. So that was the end of the acrylics for me. I was tired of my nails being filed too thin and having to go months for my nails to be whole again.

My sister in law suggested that I just keep them painted and filed, that it would help keep them from breaking. Now while that would help, I would, 1. Get bored of the color fast and then I’d remove the polish with acetone, thus drying the bejeezus out of my nails making them brittle, or 2. I’d forget to take the polish off and would have ugly chipped polish and since I work in an office and shake peoples hands frequently, that is not the most prettiest sight to behold.

Then I discovered gel polish, and hallelujah, the perfect solution for me. I can keep my nails exactly the way they are growing, no nasty filing down of my nail bed and they last for 3-5 weeks! I don’t have to worry about the polish looking dingy, or the bulk of an acrylic making it difficult to type, or take my contacts out, or even let my fingers dance over the ivories without thinking I’m going to catch my nails in between the keys.


If you’ve never tried gel and you HATE acrylic, give it a try, its a great alternative and your nails will always look beautiful and pristine as the day you got them done! Plus side, they seem to be cheaper than acrylics in my area!

P.S. Local readers, I suggest going to Georgie Girls on Mission and having Amber do your nails!



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