March comes in like a Lion.

Hello lovelies!

Hope your Monday is going well. Mines very busy, so I’m typing this up on my lunch! I spent the morning shoveling well over 5 inches of snow, so no outfit post, but I will share with you a few things!

First off, I won this AWESOME Rebecca Minkoff Purse last night! I reposted and tagged a photo on Instagram last week and lo and behold, I won! Can’t wait for this beauty to arrive in the mail!



My Sunday Funday was filled with DIYs since the weather looked like this


I made fresh banana bread( although my dang oven is very annoying and it got a little browner than I wanted, baking is NOT my forte) it was still delish once you cut off the darker parts.

I also picked up jersey knit to make some pencil skirts for work. I got my material for under $30 and got three skirts with leftovers to make a few turbands and maybe a addition to a shirt.





Then I bought a sweater and started this little graphic saying shirt


And last but not least, I updated my chalkboard for March! I love having a chalkboard in my kitchen to draw on. Although my talent is nowhere near my friends, it’s a learning process


Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a smooth Monday, keep your eyes open for the styling of my new skirts and of my new purse when I get it!!



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