Tip Tuesday: Spring trends

Hey gals!

Today I thought I’d talk about one of the spring trends that was seen on the Runways during fashion week, wavy hair.

I personally LOVE wavy hair and in fact it’s my go to look all summer long. The waves that rocked the runway( sorry, bad pun) this season were more loose and natural looking than the beachy look of last season.

Last season:


This season:


As you can see, last season was more structured and full, takes a little more time( unless you are blessed with wavy hair already) whereas this season it’s more easily attained by braiding your hair. You can do two pigtail plaits, or go fancy and do two French braid plaits, or even one French braid, or like I’m about to show you, a crown braid. What’s great about this style is you can sleep in it, and just take it out the next morning and save yourself a lot of time doing your hair before work!

Check out my very first video ever and learn how I do a crown braid!
(note: I sprayed it one more time after I finished braiding with the same sea salt spray)

And here’s the final look this morning!



I fluffed it out, and then used some of the same salt spray and styled it. It’s seriously one of the easiest and quickest ways to do my hair and it looks great all day! Try this fun spring trend yourself, and if you are not quite ready to tackle the crown braid, you can always do regular braids! Also, I prefer braids to a triple barrel iron, I think the triple barrel looks way too 80’s!

Have a lovely day!



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