Polka dots and peplum: 60’s style

Yesterdays outfit was inspired by my little sister and a bit of Brigitte Bardot. I love a good 60’s Mad men style outfit on occasion. Its a little more office friendly than 40’a or 50’s style in my opinion.

I saw my sister pair a peplum with a blouse over the weekend and I never thought do it myself so I tried and I LOVE it, its a great way to wear a sleeveless peplum in these still chilly spring days!





Black pants: Shopko
Polka dot blouse: Old Navy
Peplum: Target
Shoes: Maurices
Belt: not sure

Hair was inspired by this tutorial!
Outfit inspired by my sisters


One thought on “Polka dots and peplum: 60’s style

  1. I meant to comment on this when I saw it. I LOVE this look. Gold and black are my fav. Love the blouse with the dots too. And your hair! I used to do that when I had long hair. Fun lips too.


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