Meet “Miss Working Girl”

Hey lovelies and welcome to my little blog!

I’m a 20’s something (eek! Not for too much longer) 9-5 working woman who brings her love of fashion to the office. I started this blog as a way to constantly remix my closet and never really buy new stuff.

I love fashion and being fashion forward, and I have a great job that I can put my best dressed self out there and try fun new things! I’m always well dressed and put together even on the weekends, so I decided to bring my thoughts on fashion and daily outfits to the blogging world.

Most of my closet is bought on clearance or at thrift stores. I do not buy high end clothing, and have a fairly good size closet, so my goal is to use what I have and remix it constantly to create something new, that way I’m saving money and utilizing my entire closet to its fullest extent. I also will refashion clothing into something new with the help of my wonderful sewing machine!

I’m constantly inspired by other bloggers and Pinterest as well as Instagram!

Follow along in my journey and take a peek into a working girls closet!


“Miss Working Girl”


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