Booties: The Do’s and Dont’s

Lately I have become obsessed with wearing booties, or short boots with my outfits.
Now most of the time I wear them with a skirt or dress so figuring out how to cuff things is…well. pointless. But I’ve been trying to figure out how to pair them with pants. I have a few styles of booties, the brown with the dip in front, the short black ankle boots, and my fabulous grey wedge booties. Trying to figure out how to wear them with pants has been interesting. So one day I was browsing on Pinterest and found a helpful little article from Merrick over at Merrick’s Art and thought I would share part one with you all!


take a peek at her article and then continue on to read the other parts on what styles of boots and the proper cuffing for them!

Have a lovely day!


Manic about Manicures

Hello lovelies!!

Thought I’d share a tidbit today about my latest obsession, gel polish.
My entire life growing up, I’ve had crummy nails. They are weak and thin and break off or chip very easily. My mom tried to tell me that drinking plain gelatin in o.j. would help my nails be stronger, let me tell you, nastiest thing I have ever drank in my life. (Maybe that’s where I get my aversion to pulpy o.j.) Since I played the piano I just resigned myself to never having long nails.

I tried keeping them looking nice by getting acrylics all through my teens and early 20’s but was always frustrated when the nails were removed and my nails would break off back on the nail bed itself. So that was the end of the acrylics for me. I was tired of my nails being filed too thin and having to go months for my nails to be whole again.

My sister in law suggested that I just keep them painted and filed, that it would help keep them from breaking. Now while that would help, I would, 1. Get bored of the color fast and then I’d remove the polish with acetone, thus drying the bejeezus out of my nails making them brittle, or 2. I’d forget to take the polish off and would have ugly chipped polish and since I work in an office and shake peoples hands frequently, that is not the most prettiest sight to behold.

Then I discovered gel polish, and hallelujah, the perfect solution for me. I can keep my nails exactly the way they are growing, no nasty filing down of my nail bed and they last for 3-5 weeks! I don’t have to worry about the polish looking dingy, or the bulk of an acrylic making it difficult to type, or take my contacts out, or even let my fingers dance over the ivories without thinking I’m going to catch my nails in between the keys.


If you’ve never tried gel and you HATE acrylic, give it a try, its a great alternative and your nails will always look beautiful and pristine as the day you got them done! Plus side, they seem to be cheaper than acrylics in my area!

P.S. Local readers, I suggest going to Georgie Girls on Mission and having Amber do your nails!


||Tip Tuesday: Florals||

Hello my lovelies!!

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously over the winter weather. Up here in good ole Washington State, We’ve been getting bipolar weather. The weekend was gorgeous on Saturday, and then I woke up to nasty snow and blustery wind on Monday that is continuing on this week. And then it’s going to be 42 degrees on Thursday. Talk about strange.

Now since the weather is so yucky, I wanted to talk a bit about floral print. I’ve kind of fallen in love with it and yes, I know its kind of cliche to think about floral for spring( anyone seen Devil Wears Prada? I automatically hear Miranda saying, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking”) but there is just something that’s cheery and fun and full of life about florals.

I think that florals can be done in the right way, you just have to find a print that works for you.
Lets go through the different styles of floral you can bring into your closet.

image from Confessions of a call center gal
What I like about the above image is that the floral isn’t big and bold. It has a more timeless and sophisticated feel to it. This would be great with a cute pair of kitten heels and a cardigan at the office, or a denim jacket and some sandals or even converse to make it a bit more casual. If you are a classic gal, look for a print similar to this.

7CoastZurieDress160image from 

Now this dress and print are a little bit more modern, with still a classic feel. I love the one color palette in the flowers. It makes it seem less busy. I feel like a monochromatic palette lends more of an elegant feel to your outfit, and the flowers don’t seem outdated, but young and fresh.

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These two prints make me think Vintage/Country. I think that the smaller the print, the more country(depending on the style of dress) or vintage it looks. Its more reminiscent of by gone days. In fact the dress on top reminds me of the 90’s a bit.

78 d7726de70d716fb8c908c2b4b623404c
These last two prints are Big and Bold. I love both of them. I think the Maxi helps keep the proportions of the bold flowers, even though they aren’t bright. And the bottom dress, is my favorite kind of floral print. It looks like watercolors to me. A more muted, soft tone, but bold and fun at the same time.

Whats great about floral prints, is its easy to accessorize. Pick a color that’s featured in your print and make that the color to accessorize with or play it safe by sticking with neutrals. Florals can be casual or dressy, carefree or sophisticated. Its up to you and what you want to convey to the world for that moment.

Glam up your wardrobe with some “ground breaking” floral and have fun!



Just had to share another little tidbit with you all today! Last weekend I was asked to test drive a few items from Single Dress and today, I just got the confirmation email from them! A first for me! SOOOOO excited to get some free goodies of top line quality clothing! Who knew that using a hashtag on Instagram would get me free clothing! Cant wait to collaborate with them and feature their items on my blog! Check them out! The designer, Galina was a finalist on Launch My Line on Bravo and she has some beautiful clothing. Those of you who love fashion, go check their site out as well as their sister site, Kayadikoko!

||Tip Tuesday::Print Mixing||

Hello Lovelies!!!
I’ve decided to come up with a new thing for Tuesdays, Tip Tuesday!
I’ll give a little fashion advice, or makeup/hair advice every Tuesday and show you a don’t and a do, just remember that just because I feel like it shouldn’t be done a certain way, doesn’t mean that its bad, its just my honest opinion!

So today we are going to talk about mixing prints. A lot of you are probably thinking, this chick is odd, she mixes prints, but you can! The key when mixing, is make sure that one print is big and the other is smaller and more understated. A lot of times I will wear polka dots and leopard together and it works just fine. You might feel a tad bit weird mixing a print, but as long as its done right, you can rock it! Its a great way to express yourself and be unique.

First picture featured below is a big fat DONT!


This just doesnt work, too much going on. The flowers are big and bright, and the stripes are big and bold. A simple solution to this problem would be, a shirt with a smaller floral print, or a skirt with a smaller stripe.

Seeing as I have neither in my closet, I opted to go with a cute small polka dot skirt instead, and I LOVE it!


It’s a quirky combo, but a great one. You can mix the same prints together as well, like big polka dots and small polka dots, or large bold stripes with thin pencil stripes. As long as one pattern is significantly smaller then the other, have fun mixing!


Skirt: H&M(this season)
Shirt: Target (thrifted)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Maurices (thrifted)

“Miss Working Girl”