Weeks round up!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I still have been taking pictures just haven’t had time to post them up.
Here’s a quick run down of what I wore last week.

I just love this sapphire blue sweater I got on clearnace at Target recently. It really is a good color for me. I tend to stay away from blues if they have a navy tone, because I used to work in a job that required me to wear navy blue everyday. I now hate it.


I wore this out to dinner with my best friend at Buffalo Wild wings. Hats are my saving grace if my hair is on its last days before a wash. I hated the trim that was originally on it, so i removed it and put this cute stretchy lace headband on instead. Perfect spring time combo


  This is an old favorite of mine, I got this dress on clearance last year at Target, another favorite color or mine.

This was lazy day, and honestly wasn’t my favorite outfit, oh well.

This is a glimpse of my Friday night outfit. I helped celebrate my friends 30th birthday. I got this 3/4 length lace black mini dress at H&M. and I love it!

Have a fabulous Monday!



Weekend roundup: February 28-March 2nd

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We’ve had the weirdest weather the past few days, a very very cold snap and blizzard like wind and snow. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn’t snow as much as they predict this weekend, because I’m tired of shoveling the snow!

Yesterday my honey and I spent the morning together, we ventured out in the nasty yuck weather for a cup of coffee and breakfast at Old European where I tried for the first time ever, Eggs Benedict….. And I loved them! I’m not generally a fan of runny eggs, but they made them over medium for me and so they were slightly runny and oh so delicious when mixed with hollandaise sauce.

Then last night my boss got us box seat tickets to go watch our local hockey team, the Spokane Chiefs play their rival, the Tri-cities. It was a disappointing game because we lost 0-3 but it was a fun time to hang out with my boss, his friends and kids and my co workers.

Here’s my outfit post from last night! And some goofy pictures of us at the game!









I just adore that man. He makes me laugh all the time, and will do some of the stupidest things with me, like skipping while holding hands as we walked out of the hockey game( yes we are both almost 30!) we are very young at heart. Every day I’m more and more thankful for him, and so happy to have been blessed with someone who is fast becoming my best friend.

For the rest of this weekend, I shall be working on some DIY projects, unpacking after house sitting all week and making banana bread and catching up on Downton Abbey! Enjoy your Sunday Funday!

Boots: Steve Madden( 2 years ago)
sweatshirt: Target( Fall 2013)
Jeans: Old Navy(Spring 2014)
Jacket: Old Navy( Spring 2014)
Scarf: Forever 21(Spring2014)
Glasses: Bonlook